Frequently Asked Questions


* For a list of online submission guidelines, please visit CFF's Request Form

Q: How long is a typical grant cycle for CFF? What is involved in the decision-making process?

A: CFF considers grant applications by invitation only. Once it is determined that your organization’s mission aligns with the foundation’s focus, your application for grant funding can be submitted online anytime during the year.

Q: Does CFF accept funding requests for capital projects?

A: Yes. CFF’s grantmaking consists of capital projects, operating support, organizational memberships, event sponsorships, and other types of financial support.

Q: What are some examples of causes that CFF supports?

A: CFF cares most deeply about racial and economic equity, and considers how an individual request will fill related needs if granted. Some core focus areas for the foundation include: Youth Empowerment; Reproductive & Sexual Health; Economic Growth & Urban Revitalization; Entrepreneurial / Social Innovation; and Criminal Justice Reform / Restorative Justice Initiatives.

Q: Is CFF open to funding causes or organizations outside of Tulsa, OK?

A: More than 90% of funding dollars granted supports local efforts in Tulsa. Occasionally, CFF responds to a specific or urgent need benefiting populations outside its typical geographic range.

Q: If our request is declined, may we apply again in the future?

A: If there is anything that has changed about your organization, or the information you previously presented that you believe may persuade CFF to grant funding, please contact us again.

Q: Can we contact someone at CFF for additional direction or suggestions?

A: Yes. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our core areas of focus or our process. Please contact Executive Director, Amanda Morrall at